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Attorneys Benefit When Their Clients Receive A Lawsuit Loan
Your Client Can Receive Immediate Financial Relief
You’ll find even more time to focus on your client’s case, once their immediate bills are met through a lawsuit loan. Personal injury and workman’s compensation cases can often put a client out of work, but that doesn’t stop their bills! As debt mounts, clients feel tremendous pressure to have their case settled – pressure they may also apply to you.

Recommending a lawsuit loan gives a client instant financial relief and peace of mind. It frees an attorney to work toward a better outcome that will generate greater long-term benefits for the client.

In addition, Lawsuit Lending can actually help speed the trial process. When medical bills are paid prior to a client’s trial, it expedites admission at trial – a definite bonus.

Lawsuit Lending Is A Risk-Free Recommendation to Clients
Because Lawsuit Lending is a licensed consumer loan company, attorneys and clients are both assured of receiving fair treatment because it adheres to the strict rules and regulations mandated by the State of Illinois. There is no such protection if a referral is made to an unlicensed lender.

Fast, Easy Application Process for Either Attorneys or Clients

- Application is FREE
- There are no hidden fees
- Loan is repaid in full upon settlement

Attorneys Can Use A Lawsuit Lending Loan to Help Offset Litigation Expenses

• That’s right, attorneys can use Lawsuit Lending to help fund expensive litigation that requires the testimony of expert witnesses and other related expenses.

• Attorneys receive money from their lawsuit loan without providing any financial documents and within 24 hours of application.

• Lawsuit Lending conveniently closes loans at the attorney’s office.

Loan guidelines are the same for clients or attorneys.

• Clients may borrow $500 to $40,000
• Clients typically receive their loans within 48 hours after application
• No monthly payments due
• Loans are repaid in full ONLY after the case settles

For a prompt, personal response to initiate the application process, please contact Lawsuit Lending at 312.701.1200.

You can reach a friendly staff member Monday through Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm; or leave a message that will be returned promptly on the next business day.

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