Closing the Financial Gap Benefits Both Attorneys & Clients
Without financial pressures assaulting clients, attorneys gain the necessary time to negotiate a better financial outcome on their behalf. Clients often don’t understand the timeframes involved in filing a lawsuit and can experience tremendous financial pressures during the process. Lawsuit Lending can bridge the financial gap for both clients and attorneys. Clients can pay personal and medical expenses. Attorneys can apply for a loan for use building a stronger case applying it toward procuring expert witnesses, or other overhead, that ultimately leads to a better outcome for all parties.

Here’s How Lawsuit Lending Helps:

- When clients receive immediate financial relief, they reduce the number of phone calls to
   their attorneys asking when the case will be settled.

- Clients can begin paying their medical and monthly bills.

- Lawsuit Lending can be used to offset the high cost of expert witness testimony or other   lawsuit overhead expenses.

- Attorneys can receive loans for their cases within 24 hours, usually without providing
  financial documentation.

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