Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   What Types of Cases are Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan?
A.   You are eligible for this type of loan when involved in the following cases:
       • Auto Accident               • Slip & Fall
       • Medical Malpractice      • Workers’ Compensation
       • Personal Injury              • Wrongful Death Claim
Q.   What Do I Owe Lawsuit Lending While My Case is Pending?
A.   Nothing. There are NO monthly payments.
Q.   When Does Lawsuit Lending Receive Repayment on the Loan?
A.   Generally, loans are repaid in full after the case settles.
       Lawsuit Lending receives full payment at the same time, and in the same way, as clients
       are paid – when the case is resolved.
Q.   Is a Good Credit Rating Needed Before Applying?
A.   No. The loan is based solely on the validity of the case, not the applicant’s credit rating.
       There are NO credit checks or background checks.
Q.   Does the Applicant Need To Be Employed To Apply For This Loan?
A.   No. Current employment or past employment information is NOT required.
Q.   Is this Loan a Safe Means of Getting Fast Money?
A.   Yes. Lawsuit Lending is LICENSED AS A CONSUMER LENDER by the State of Illinois.
       It is locally owned and operated. As a licensed consumer loan company, the applicant is
       assured of receiving fair treatment because the company adheres to the strict rules and
       regulations mandated by the state. There is no such protection if a referral is made to an
       unlicensed lender.

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