· Clients may borrow $500 to $40,000

· Clients typically receive their loans
  within 48 hours after application

· No monthly payments due

· Loans are repaid in full ONLY after
  the case settles
When Clients Need Cash Fast,
Lawsuit Lending Helps Pay Bills
Lawsuits take time. And, from a clients’ perspective, time is money. With mounting debts because of inability to work or job loss, clients can feel caught in a serious cash-flow crunch. As a result, they might demand quick settlement for today’s bills while forfeiting their long-term financial security.
Now, there’s a better way.
Clients can start meeting financial obligations immediately, even if they’re out of work, with the help of a collateral-free loan from Lawsuit Lending. With loans delivered as quickly as 48 hours after application, clients can borrow against their pending settlement.
• Workers’ Compensation Case
• Personal Injury Lawsuit
An easy application process, with no credit check necessary, speeds the paperwork, and approval process. This website contains all the information you need to meet your financial needs today while your attorney negotiates a better settlement for you in the days ahead.

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